15 October 2015

Top bloggers for CCC


OS3 is executing the next phase of the largest online campaign and BTL for the CCC brand. Top Polish fashion bloggers - Macademia Girl, Jessica Mercedes Kirchner, Radzka, Styloly, Deynn were invited to participate. The campaign started on October 15th

Five of the top Polish fashion bloggers have prepared their own designs for CCC using Lasocki and Sprandi branded products. The campaign aims to inspire and encourage women to experiment and seek their own style.

Four commercials were created for the campaign. The first (30 sec.) shows all the bloggers and informs about the campaign. The others (15 sec.) are detailed pictures of styles created by Macademian Girl, Jessica Kirschner Mercedes and Styloly. All videos can be seen on CCC’s YouTube channel.

The campaign with the bloggers bearing the slogan “Hello CCC” leads to a dedicated website WWW.helloccc.eu where photos of new styles are published every week. Each girl has an associated slogan – Macademian Girl is “Hello Style”, Jessika Mercedes Kirscher – “Hello Inspiration”, Radzka – “Hello Smile”, Styloly – “Hello Life” and Deynn – “Hello Fun”. Each user can cast their vote to select the style of the week. Selected photos will be posted to CCC’s profile on Facebook, where a contest for fans is held. The main task is to encourage them to upload and share their own ideas for styles. The most interesting will be rewarded with vouchers for shopping at CCC stores. The campaign will be conducted on the largest horizontal portals, Facebook, Instagram and top fashion blogs. Furthermore, POS materials informing about the campaign and competitions will be available in all CCC stores throughout the country.